My name is Bartek Cis and I’m JavaScript developer. I live by motto:

Well… Tomorrow is another day.

This blog is about Web Development. I focus mainly on JavaScript world but you might find here some other related topics.


Originally from Poland, now I work in London. I’m one of those guys that didn’t plan building the Internet from their very early years. I was Geophysicists in my previous life and I enjoyed my old profession nearly as much as I enjoy what I do now.

Free time

If I don’t code, I write about it :) I actually write two blogs about Web Development. The one you just read and the second is Bedekodzic.pl ( in my native Polish ).

When I don’t have brain capacity left to handle any form of HTML, CSS and JS I make rap music :)


If you want to ask me something or just say “Hello” please drop me an email on:


You can also find me on my Social Medias (click on the hamburger menu icon, links are there).